Homeownership is priceless. So many memories are created when you choose your neighborhood. All children know are their parents, their school and friends. Therefore, maintaining adequate mortgage protection insurance will help your family keep their home should something happen to you.

The economy is very volatile right now. If you’ve purchased a home, the last thing you want to do is have to consider putting it up for sale because you didn’t plan to be out of work due to a disability or long term care.

Our mortgage protection program will help you to protect our home and your family in case of premature death,  disability or required long-term care.

Compare our plan to the traditional marketplace’s:

Stewart Financial Services, Inc. Offers You the Best Deal!

Our Plan Through SFS Traditional Marketplace Plan
Flexibility You structure your plan to meet your needs. The mortgage determines the structure.
Choice You choose your beneficiary. The mortgage holder is the beneficiary.
Security The death benefit goes to your family; they choose how to use it. The death benefit automatically goes to the mortgage holder.
Protection The death benefit does not decrease. The death benefit generally decreases with the outstanding mortgage debt.
Portability You can take your plan with you when you sell your home or refinance. A traditional mortgage plan is generally tied to a specific mortgage.
Cash Value If you choose a universal life policy, your plan can build cash value for the future. Traditional mortgage plans do not build any future value.
Living Benefits Riders can provide access to your death benefit in the event of a terminal, chronic, or critical illness. No living benefits
Optional Riders Optional riders can provide benefits in case of disability or unemployment. No disability or unemployment benefits

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